About Us

All our dogs are registered with KUSA. 

I invite you to enjoy my dogs as much as what I do and hope to give you a glimpse into my “Ridgeback World.”

A warning though – Rhodesian Ridgebacks can become very addictive.

I stay on a farm where my dogs can run around and develop their own individual characters. My dogs are not kept in a kennel but sleep inside the house, each on their own bed.

about-usI purchased my first Ridgeback in 2009 as a pet. I went all the way to Vereeniging to choose him and brought him home when the time was right. There hasn’t been a day that I have regretted my decision!

Shumba is a very special dog who crept very deep into my heart. At 9 months he started with ‘Obedience Training’, which is the best thing that you can do for you and your dog because an extremely strong bond develops between you during training sessions. I can take Shumba everywhere with me, even to church.

Ridgebacks are family dogs who want to be with you all the time. They do not bark unnecessarily and are very good watch dogs. No one will get close to you with them around and they will protect you with their lives if necessary.

Shumba is the most obedient, loyal and loving dog ever and he was my motivation to start breeding with Ridgebacks. I wanted to continue his bloodline and good temperament and share it with others. When I started researching his bloodline another world opened for me.

His grandfather CH & CH (Zim) Rekaylahn Jabulisa of Clachan, was a stud dog responsible for most of the champion dogs around the world. Another prominent kennel present in his bloodline was the Glenaholm kennel, which originated in South Africa in 1949 and is the reason why ridgebacks can be found in every conceivable country overseas, thanks to Norah Omerad of Glenaholm Kennels. She was involved in the ridgeback club in South Africa before relocating to the United States where she started importing ridgebacks, which were eventually distributed to 40 different countries.

The other bloodlines present in my dogs are that of Danntrig, Uwanja’s, Luanda, Lebombo and Lionsriver in SA, who also have a strong relationship with Glenaholm.

When I decided to start breeding with RR, I specifically looked for the Glenaholm looks, one of my females, Boka Nandi of Lionsriver’s grandfather, was imported from France, CH Shangani Denga Window of Lionsriver. In 2015 i imported a beautiful male from Luanda Kennel in Slovakia and in 2018 i imported my beautiful female Ava from Finland.about-us2

Although looks are important, I mostly focus on temperament. I invite you to come spend time with my dogs and decide for yourself. Once a Ridgeback fan – always a Ridgeback fan!

At 18 months we xray our dogs for hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. My females will only have puppies once a year or once every two years. They are fed Acana and Orijen. My dogs are like my children, so the puppies will only be going to selected families. 

If you are interested in being on my  waiting list, please contact me on my email:  ingridcharmain@gmail.com. 

Also visit my facebook page Shumtani Ridgebacks where I share my life with my dogs everyday.